Don't Undermine Steiglitz

A community group opposed to commercial gold mining in Steiglitz

A gold exploration company called New Hanover Exploration Pty Ltd currently holds an Exploration Licence (EL 6164) that entitles them to explore for gold in the Steiglitz goldfields region. Their target locations for the exploration are the Hanover Fault which crosses the southern section of the Brisbane Ranges National Park, and the quartz reefs that run along the park boundary.

New Hanover Exploration Pty Ltd believe the area has potential for mining and are currently seeking a mining company to partner for the project.

One interested mining company Kalamazoo recently decided not to proceed. The community thank them for their engagement and for respecting the wishes of the local people and we wish them well in their endeavours. We look forward to the same from the licence holder New Hanover Exploration Pty Ltd.

Native Orchid

This community group has formed to raise awareness about the exploration and future mining activity that could eventuate.

We are deeply concerned about the potential for commercial mining in this unique area for a multitude of reasons, including impacts to the following:

Steiglitz View - Image credit: Kaitlyn Church Photography

Image credit: Yvonne V.

While the potential impacts are significant and far-reaching, the benefits for the local community are negligible.

If you love this rare and beautiful place, please follow our page and share this post. Help us send a loud and clear message that gold exploration and mining is not wanted here.

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